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Monday, October 03, 2005

Serenity Numbers

Well I had a great time at dinner and Serenity on Friday, but looking at the gross numbers, it's proof positive again that what I like is rarely what the average person will be interested in. Okie dokie. Also note that MirrorMask did well for the screens it was on. We went to see it last night, and the story is predictable, but it's just so darned pretty! And I do so love the sphinx characters. The riddling spinx near the giants was the most amusing. Anyway, on a $4 million dollar budget, I was seriously impressed with the visuals. If you get a chance, go see MirrorMask before it disappears, or rent it if you have a nice big screen tv. And as for Serenity, I hope next weekend shows sustained numbers. I guess stars really do bring in the cash, because Flightplan sounds utterly uninteresting to me, yet it beat Serenity. Go figure.



    Top Rated Movies by Age Group
    Under 18 XXX: State of the Union 9.41
    18 to 24 Transporter 2, The 9.80
    25 to 34 Serenity 9.79
    35 to 44 Serenity 9.62
    45 to 54 Serenity 9.79

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