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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sometimes it's worthwhile

I survived teaching Graduate Admissions. Tuesday everything came together. I met with the business owner and reviewed the content of the class and she said, "So what do you need me for? Looks like you've got it all covered." This was reassuring considering I'd really only started looking at this less than a month ago when I found out I'd be teaching the class since Anh was leaving the team. Since then, I've fully revised the manual, created the classroom slides from scratch, created all new classroom exercises, tested it all, and finally gotten sign off from the business owner. It's been a long time since I've gotten to do anything so comprehensive and from such a position of total ignorance. It's a nice reminder that this is what I am good at. Yesterday all I had to do was put together folders. I've left work at a reasonable hour for 2 days running. And today I taught the class to 7 eager students. We finished the course in just the right amount of time, having taken two nice 10 minute breaks. All of the course evaluations were positive, and one wrote:
Ammy was a very good instructor, especially for her first time teaching this. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

Aw! And this concludes my latest foray into too long work weeks with too much to do. Well, for a little while anyway. The funny thing is that I kind of made all this work for myself. I could've just used the manual as it was, but I've got this funky idealism that wanted the materials to be accurate, updated, useful, and well-designed. I've got that now for this class, and I'm kind of proud of it. So it was a few extra nights in front of the ol' computer. It was totally worth it, not because it's appreciated by the campus as a whole, or the university leadership, or the campus clients, but for just for me. I like to do good work rather than just skating by. And I think Pixel will forgive me eventually. There may be some shrimp treats as a bribe. He's a sucker for those.


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