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Monday, November 07, 2005

Alpine Road

For 9 months, they've been doing road work on the intersection of Junipero Serra and Alpine Road. This has meant no stoplight for 9 months. No cross traffic for 9 months. Just smooth sailing around the curve. It was great.

So after 9 months of roadwork, what has changed about how the intersection was before and after all that effort?


Well, there's, um...

Yeah, there's the same light structure. Three 3-way lights. Lots of waiting. They could've put in a right hand turn green light for those coming off the freeway on to Junipero Serra. But they didn't. They could've coordinated the light there and the one less than a block away at Sand Hill. Doesn't look like they did. So, lots of effort, and very little payoff. I don't get it. But after 9 months of smooth sailing, I'm really wishing that they'd change their minds, rip out the lights, and block the crossing to Sand Hill. It's a wildly unnecessary intersection as Sand Hill road has its own freeway exit. The whole thing just muffs traffic on both Sand Hill and Alpine. But hey, I guess some road crews had a good gig for 9 months.


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