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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Flu Shot... or not?

I've got the option of going to get a flu shot for free today on campus while I'm over at the Benefits fair. Two years ago, everyone on my team got a flu shot except me. Everyone on my team got crazy sick that winter except for me, even though I was the one dancing with 100 strangers a weekend. I tend to have a fairly vigorous immune system, and I sincerely believe the best way to stave off a virus to go get a bunch of exercise - it heats up your body, you breathe deeply and exchange a lot of air, and your blood moves around a bit faster to carry away more bad by-products, and you end up drinking more water. So, with that in mind, my winter time health program seems a bit more effective than a gamble on a shot that might hit one of the viruses I'll encounter this year. Last year I did end up sick in February and March, but it certainly wasn't the flu - it was a nasty bronchitis thing that just wouldn't go away. So again, flu shot would've done nothing for me. And I can't seem to find anything on which virus this year's flu shot is combating. So flu shot? I'm thinking I'll skip it. I guess I get to wait until March or so to see if that's a bad call.


  • Since current flu shots should contain dead virus and not weakened live virus, the risk of getting ill from the shot should be minimal. A free boost sounds good. How many people turn down the free boost from Jamba Juice?

    By Blogger Kim, at 5:22 PM  

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