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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Watch Me Glow

I'm just a total sucker for compliments. Well, real ones anyway. After my class yesterday, I had a real feeling of "Egad, I just couldn't get my words out!" I had a headache through the whole class and really felt like I wasn't at the top of my game.

But most of the evaluations were positive. I had the classic scenario where one eval said "Pace was too slow." followed by the very next one which stated "Pace was too fast." In truth, the pace was definitely slower than normal because there were three folks there who weren't really big with the clue.

Just reading through my email, I got this note from one participant:
At 10:33 AM 11/10/2005, you wrote:
Good Morning Ammy,
My name is [name omitted] and I took your Peoplesoft: Student Administration Basics course yesterday. Sorry for having to run off, but I had class down in Santa Clara and I had to catch the train. Truthfully though, it was the first T&OD class I didn't want to leave. You did a very good job walking us through the different parts of PeopleSoft, and the exercises were relevant and fun. Thank you for making something that was potentially very boring, interesting and engaging. Your explanations along with the manual make me feel comfortable about using this new system, so I'm excited to see what happens.
Also, thank you for being so responsive in answering my myriad of questions. The system just really intrigues me, now that I know more about it, and I'm thinking of all of the applications we could possibly use it for in our office. You mentioned that I might want to take some reportmart classes, or maybe other peoplesoft classes - do you have any suggestions for good courses to take? Essentially what we are looking at is trying to track students' course history, grades, GERs, major/minor history/declaration stats, against our program of Introductory Seminars so see if our classes are having any impact on these factors. Such as, do students who take our classes declare sooner? Or do students take our classes because they fulfill GERs but aren't necessarily in their major field etc. My guess is that we'll need to use a combination of PeopleSoft information and information from the Registrar, but any help in courses or people to talk to would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much again for teaching a wonderful class and I look forward to possibly taking another course from you. Which reminds me, I have the course evaluation sheet. Would you like me to fax that somewhere? Or ID mail it to you? Please advise and let me know where to send it.

Cheers and have a wonderful day ~

I'm just going to hang on to that for a while. Sometimes it's really nice to feel like you're good at what you do. Ah...


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