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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I do not understand this word, "Relax"

I had this fantasy throughout Dickens Fair - at the end of Dickens I'd have two weeks off with nothing to do and all the time in the world. I could get everything caught up and done then.

Okay, stop laughing so hard already.

Turns out I've been running nonstop, from Fezzi tear-down on Monday to the Plough to Browncoat Ball planning to Browncoat holiday party and Serenity purchase on Tuesday to finishing laundry, running errands, and massive baking on Wednesday, to finishing baking, making a Tivo Ambassador video, lunch at Google, and dinner party at my coworker/roommate's house, and finally trying to clean the poor house on Friday and deliver all the baking to the neighbors before running to Sacramento and doing last minute Christmas shopping en route. Then there was Christmas Eve with my grandparents, and Christmas day starting from my mom's house, going to my Aunt Debbie's house, going to my dad's house, going to my grandparent's house (to teach them how to use the new Tivo), to Ian & Sara's house for Christmas night with friends, and then back to my mom's for sleep. A little sleep. Okay, very little sleep once Pixel figured out I was packing and going to be gone again. He made a right nuisance of himself. Four hours of sleep later, I got on a plane to come to Seattle. There, greeted at the airport by Camryn, Ella, and Dirk, we went back to their house, then Tracey, Camryn and I dashed off to Skipper's for lunch, and then the Sci Fi Museum. It was cool, but a little too scary for a 5 year old. So back home again, and dinner at Atlas, a groovy little diner/grill in U-Village. And then the next morning I rose to head to Richland. Here, the pace is a little slower. Lots of Apples to Apples, yummy tangerines, and a wacky store called Griggs. Tomorrow I'm back to Seattle for one more day before heading home to go to Cirque du Soleil. And then we should figure out what we're doing for New Year's Eve. I'm thinking maybe sleeping would be fun.

Breszny Hits the Nail

Every now and then, Rob Breszny hits the nail on the head. Today's offering:

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Many Geminis fit the description of a class of
people that *Wired* magazine calls "yeppies," or "young experimenting
perfection seekers." Overwhelmed by a profusion of conflicting
opportunities, they are restless and insatiable. They treat life "as an
exercise in comparison shopping, refusing to commit for fear of missing a
better offer." While this approach is pretty normal for your tribe, I
suspect it won't work as well in 2006 as it has for you in the past. That's
why I urge you to try out some very different attitudes: a tolerance for
imperfection, a respect for limits, an appreciation for the value of peace
of mind, and a willingness to concentrate on just two or three possibilities
instead of 17.

Not that "Yeppie" would EVER describe me. Well maybe a little. Or, um, yeah. Ahem.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I suck at the whole Christmas Wish List thing

So there I was at Target today, shopping for a under-bed tub to put all of the Things Bag items into for the summer storage, and I happened to walk through the kitchen area and noticed the Black and Decker Cuisinart-knock-off food processors were on clearance for $27. I've had a Cuisinart on my wishlist for a couple of years but it's never showed up under the tree. Now I'm praying no one finally took that item to heart and it finds itself under the tree. Meanwhile, my new toy cost about a quarter of what a Cuisinart costs, and has already made me happy enough to warrant the purchase and storage. It shredded zucchini in less than a minute. It chopped pecans in less than a minute. It crushed pineapple in... well... you get the idea. And Hallelujah* said I. Suddenly I have 9 lovely loaves of zucchini bread to hand out to our neighbors in far less time than I'd planned.

*On a side note, I had dinner with Ari tonight and the restaurant had a Christmas track playing. There I sat cringing realizing I knew every bloody verse of O Come All Ye Faithful (some of which are just wretched. I mean, who ever thought that "all glory given" fits in that measure. Bleh!). And then they played the Hallelujah chorus. Erin and I exchanged knowing glances and I was forced to do a pantomime of holding up the Hallelujah card. Good thing we were the only two in the restaurant.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I said socio-political on a DVD

It's true. In the closing credits of the Relighting the Firefly featurette on the Serenity DVD, they took a clip of the footage from the May fifth preview where I was the first in line. This was from before seeing the film when I was still coherent. You can tell by all my big fancy words. After the film I sounded much more like, "But... but... leaf on the wind... "

Serenity Dilemma - solved... maybe

So I solved the Christmas dilemma today by purchasing Serenity at Fry's where they're selling it for $14.99. This was on my way to lunch with Ray to start the Browncoat Ball planning in earnest and before I went to the SF Browncoats Christmas and DVD Release party at Cafe Murano in SF. It's been a Serenity-centric day. Well, that plus laundry.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Two Weeks - No Work

Having just completed the revision to the Approver tutorial, I've been told to go home. Well, I'm not going home, but I am out of here for 2 weeks. Wheeeeee!

Janelle Cookies!

Rick came home from a trip to UPS last night with a big box from Frank and Janelle. In it were home listing flyers, pictures of them and the kitties and the new house, some amusing news articles, some less amusing weather reports (considering I'm planning to visit soon), and a whole mass of Janelle cookies. We've got oatmeal scotchies and ginger snaps and oatmeal walnut and oatmeal walnut chocolate chip and chocolate chip and more, all my by the loving hands of Janelle. It was really fun to unwrap this box of goodies and snack on treats while we read all the captions on the back of the photos. I sure miss those guys.

Mr. Dickens on my Desk

My boss got me a Charles Dickens action figure for Christmas. That rocks. He says I should bring it to meetings. I wonder if Mr. Dickens has an action figure of himself?

Dance Brain

Is it a bad thing when you hear a song and all you can think is, "My, that's a perfect jig." or "What a nice waltz."

Siouxsie and the Banshees "Silver Waterfalls" from the Superstition CD is a perfect jig. It's clearly been a while since I've listened to that album.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Holiday Season Dilemma

It's just this time of year when I wonder if I get something for myself, will I also get it as a gift from one or more people? Right now I'm wrestling that dilemma over Serenity. It's not on any wishlist just because I presumed I'd buy it for myself, but it comes out four days before Christmas, so the odds are reasonably high I'll end up with a copy for Christmas. But it's on sale for such a good price on Amazon that I'm loathe to pass it up. But I've been not ordering it now for a few weeks. Bah! Oh well. I can be patient. I think.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Converting Strategy Into Action

I just finished and passed my first course in my Advanced Project Management curriculum. I got a 92% on the final exam. Whew! Only five more courses to go. Hopefully I can take one or two in person in March, and then a couple more in September, and finish by this time next year.

Feeling Welcomed

After my daily breakup with Ebenezer, I promptly run off to the Green Man to drown my sorrows in a cup of lemonade. I've a cup there just for that purpose. I arrived there on Sunday and couldn't find my cup. Puzzled, I looked to the bartender, who was just finishing filling the cup and putting it on the bar for me. Recognition dawned, and I promptly asked the young man to marry me. (After all, I was on the fast-track to spinster-hood and it was more kindness than I'd seen from Ebenezer in far too long.) It's the little joys of Dickens that make it so worthwhile. You want to feel the spirit of Christmas and the connection of a community that cares for one another? Just come work Dickens. It truly is magical.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fire Update

It was definitely an electrical fire. Rick took pictures. I don't think they've come to terms with the idea that they can't live there anymore. They did not have homeowner's insurance. They best thing they could do would be to sell the land and move on to somewhere less expensive to live - Fresno or Turlock or somesuch. But I don't think they're thinking about it rationally. Or possibly don't have the capacity to do so. Right now I'm worried that they may try to do some minimal work and move back in. Oh, and I've called an electrician. I hope to have some work done on our house in the next 30 days. I couldn't sleep last night. I fear electricity.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Woke up to one of my worst nightmares - my neighbor's house was on fire. I am very grateful for Georgina, two houses down, who knocked on Ray's door and let him know that smoke was coming from the roof. It could've been written off as the frost evaporating. She might not have looked. Hell, it was before 6am. That she was up at all, let alone leaving the house for work, is a miracle unto itself.

There are few things scarier than waking to hear officious shouts only to look out the window see flames coming from the roof next door. The house next door is the worst on the block, and has been in very bad condition for a very long time. But we do dearly appreciate those neighbors - Rudy, old and retired who sits on the porch day after day, helping keep our neighborhood safe, Ray his son, on probation, but mostly a good guy, and Rudy's daughter Adele who lives in the RV in the driveway. She's diabetic and on disability and has the best dog in the world named Gunther. Ray and Adele don't have the same mum and don't get along at all, so Ray is saying Adele set the fire. I seriously doubt that. I'm betting it has far more to do with bad wiring finally catching just the right spark. We'll know eventually. Right now we're offering blankets and hot coffee and use of our bathroom. I hope this all turns out okay in the end. It could've been so much worse.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Neurology of NRE

What I've long suspected is being borne out by science. You know the first flush of love? That magic that happens when we find someone new? That new relationship energy where a person's annoying habits are cute rather than annoying or when you can see them only for their best selves? That's just your brain chemistry messing with you. But that's okay - so long as you're aware of it. I've known too many good friends who can't successfully ride the crest from in-love to companionate love and have thrown away very good relationships for the next available round of NRE brain chemistry rearrangement. But companionate love is the real deal - it's the part where you know each other at your best and worst, and at your most boring and average, and love each other anyway. In-love makes you a little insane, sometimes in very bad ways. Don't let it make you do things (or buy things) that you'll resent later when the brain chemistry normalizes.

Oh the mind is a twisty turny thing that aims to fools us and too often succeeds!