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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I suck at the whole Christmas Wish List thing

So there I was at Target today, shopping for a under-bed tub to put all of the Things Bag items into for the summer storage, and I happened to walk through the kitchen area and noticed the Black and Decker Cuisinart-knock-off food processors were on clearance for $27. I've had a Cuisinart on my wishlist for a couple of years but it's never showed up under the tree. Now I'm praying no one finally took that item to heart and it finds itself under the tree. Meanwhile, my new toy cost about a quarter of what a Cuisinart costs, and has already made me happy enough to warrant the purchase and storage. It shredded zucchini in less than a minute. It chopped pecans in less than a minute. It crushed pineapple in... well... you get the idea. And Hallelujah* said I. Suddenly I have 9 lovely loaves of zucchini bread to hand out to our neighbors in far less time than I'd planned.

*On a side note, I had dinner with Ari tonight and the restaurant had a Christmas track playing. There I sat cringing realizing I knew every bloody verse of O Come All Ye Faithful (some of which are just wretched. I mean, who ever thought that "all glory given" fits in that measure. Bleh!). And then they played the Hallelujah chorus. Erin and I exchanged knowing glances and I was forced to do a pantomime of holding up the Hallelujah card. Good thing we were the only two in the restaurant.


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