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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Belly Dancing?

I am feeling much better today, and I went to a noontime belly dancing class (with Setareh)for my regularly scheduled exercise. Found a couple of little kinks and cricks that definitely appreciated being stretched out. Generally, I’m pretty convinced that belly dance was not intended for my body shape. There’s this whole business of tucking your butt under you which… well… let’s just say my butt when tucked still sticks out more than any other white girl I know. Mental note – given the opportunity, learn hip-hop dancing. Anyway, stretching good. Forcing body into new postures is good too. Having a regularly scheduled opportunity to get out of the office and go dance is really really good. I still wish it was Joan’s Dance Fitness class, but this will be interesting to try. I never pictured myself doing belly dance. Belly dance is done by all of those older, overweight women in bad lame’ costumes at fair. I don’t want to be that. But then I got to know Kat and she’s all kinds of hot when she belly dances, so I can set aside my preconceptions and give it a whirl, eh?

Meanwhile, I managed to sort the CDs and DVDs out last night while watching a Dickens documentary on PBS. It’s interesting, though some of the finer details are a bit different than other things I’ve read in the past. Regardless, it’s definitely nice to be reminded of the characters and faces of Dickens parlor and have something more to talk to them about next year.


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