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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Clothes Swap

So what happens when you get 16 women (and one toddler) together to trade clothes? Well, first your living room turns into an explosion of textiles. Then everyone takes a moment to introduce themselves over appetizers in the dining room. (At which point names seemed useless, but LJ handles were more helpful, and affinity groups by occupation were also entertaining.) Then they start to churn through the clothes. As women begin to doss down to underthings after a few futile attempts at modesty, there's rapidly a parade of outfits in front of the mirror in the kitchen. The toddler even got in on the act, shedding his clothes and trying on several sweaters, a couple of dresses, and finally settling on an sports shirt. After an hour, there's a whole new strata of clothing exposed and there's plenty of things you'd not seen before. Finally, there's lots of flotsam left over which totals nine large bags of leftovers, now cheerfully destined for Out of the Closet. I myself didn't find much, but that's okay. I did find homes for some old favorites that I'm too big for nowadays. It's hard to imagine myself as thin as Emily, but I guess I was at one time. My "going to the opera" gown from years past (which never actually made it to the opera despite my fondest intentions) fit her like it was made for her. It needs a bit of cleaning/pressing, but it's such a great dress. I'm so happy to see it appreciated again.

Many thanks to Ari and Auntie and Laura who helped me pack those nine bags up at the end and trundle dishes and leftovers back to the kitchen. Methinks this affair was a total success.


  • thanks for the leftover pizza. I had a great time with it for lunch and an after-work snack. Yum!


    By Blogger Liz, at 9:37 PM  

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