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Friday, January 20, 2006

No FNW for me!

For anyone expecting to see me tonight at Friday Night Waltz, I'm not going to make it. I left my house this morning planning to go, but then Kevin sent me a link to this video which he never posted on, but which he meant to years and years and years ago. Anyway, watching it again made me cry. At work. That was a great apartment, and a legendary road trip. I wrote back and said, "I don't hang out with you enough, and if you're free tonight, I'll totally flake on dancing for the chance." And so I am.

Ah, memories. Brings me back to the days of daily Telegraph stench reports, playing Ms. Pacman over a salad bigger than my head at Coffee Source, popping in any old time and buzzing Kev and pressing my ear to the speaker and waiting for the familiar quiet buzz-click of the door and riding up the ancient elevator with the sliding gate and teh worn spot in the floor, Kev's addiction to Yogurt Park, dropping pennies in the wet cement outside his window, watching my first episodes of Buffy on Kevin's newfangled Tivo thingy while eating take-out from Gypsy's, stickering cameras for RandomPixel, and so much more. I still wish we'd been able to keep that apartment somehow. The rent was stupid-cheap (under a thousand as I recall) for a 2 bedroom apartment on the sixth floor (and top) above Telegraph Avenue, 2 1/2 blocks from campus.


  • Hee hee,
    I got a surprise ride to go to FNW and so I went, and did, in fact, think "Where's Ammy?" but it certainly sounds like you had a good time. Probably see you at the cast party. :)

    By Blogger Chris S, at 11:57 AM  

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