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Friday, January 27, 2006

Reg Office Drama... again.

Le sigh.

Just when I was about to begin a bridge building project with the Registrar's Office, where I'd go ask them all about the business processes surrounding transcripts and include all of that into the big transcripts documentation project I'm working on, I go head to head with the team lead again.

There was a student who was on leave, and he was supposed to be coming back at the start of fall quarter. Instead, he's coming back next quarter, but he needs to get things lined up for financial aid next year, so he needs to get this all worked out pretty soon. So the kid did the right thing - he went to the Reg Office and they told him he had to go through Axess. He went back home and logged into Axess and couldn't get anywhere because now all he has is alumni access. So he went back to the Reg Office, was told something slightly different, and again went home to try to go through Axess, thinking maybe he missed something. The next day he went back to the Reg Office and they told him to file a HelpSU ticket to get his access to Axess straightened out. So I get the ticket, look it up, and tell the kid that he's discontinued and that the Reg Office will need to take care of it. He tells me about what the Reg Office has already told him. I sigh. He starts to try to explain further, and I explain that no, really, I'm sorry, and I'll call the Reg Office and see if I can help him get this worked out.

So I call the Reg Office person and he's on the phone so I leave a message explaining the scenario. He doesn't call me back, but just replies to my message saying that this is not a help desk issue and the student needs to come to the Reg Office. Thinking perhaps I had left something out the first time I called, I reply to his message saying that the student had been to the Reg Office and that they'd told him to send a HelpSU ticket and I was trying to get information so that the student has the best information possible before returning to the Reg Office so that he doesn't get stuck in a loop of the Reg Office saying send a HelpSU ticket and me saying he has to talk to the Reg Office. At this point I also email my manager thinking the risks here are high when compared with the last set of drama from this office. About an hour later, I get another reply to my message from the Reg Office saying that it's not a help desk issue and the student needs to come to the Reg Office, with not so much of an acknowledgement of comprehension that the student has already been to the bloody Reg Office. Well, that sealed it for me. It's not that he doesn't understand the problem. It's that he doesn't care. Well screw that. He's just preying on a vulnerable kid who is not even twenty years old yet and I won't let him do that. I don't care if it means I have to go to the Reg Office with the student, I'm going to make sure this kid gets the help he needs and the jerks in the Reg Office can kiss my ass. I'm so sick of them treating our team as adversaries rather than coworkers. It's unprofessional and counter-productive and it's shameful to the university. Yep, I got my righteous indignation hat on tonight!


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