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Monday, January 30, 2006

Reg Office Drama update

Sometimes being a persistent bitch is an absolute requirement of my job. So after leaving the third message for the one guy in the Reg Office, he apparently got the clue that I wouldn't be blown off. He forwarded my third message to someone else in the Reg Office who got back to me. I explained the scenario, and we looked at the kid's record together and he told me exactly who the student should talk to. I called the student back and left a message for him and followed up with an email.

Beyond that, all of this happened the same day that another student sent a HelpSU ticket about having trouble dropping his minor. We're aware of a problem with the system and we're working through it, but we don't have a fix yet, so we're telling students they can drop their majors/minors/interdisciplinary honors by filling out a paper form in the Reg Office. So I called the student to tell him that, and he said he'd already talked to the Reg Office and they'd told him to talk to ITSS because this was a "low priority problem". Well, we'd already agreed on this workaround with the Reg Office, so I called Max to see if I was missing something. Nope. He was horrified. He wanted me to send an email to the Reg Office and CC our team. This being a touchy scenario, I opted to just send it to our team. From there, my boss took it to their boss. Having two cases of very wrong information coming from the Reg Office tips the scales from "the student is probably lying" to "we may have a problem". I'll take it. Hopefully there will be at least a small shift in how things go around here.


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