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Monday, January 23, 2006

She Flew Well, But Landed Poorly

Saturday started well. I woke up and took Pixel to get his shots. It was a vaccine clinic at Pet Food Express, and our little boy was a total rock star in his kitty pouch. Everyone cooed at him and said, "Doesn't he have the prettiest coat!" and "Oh, his little tufty ears are so cute!" and "My isn't he a confident cat." And his took his three shots without any complaint, and the staff all just shook their heads and said, "What a great cat!" and I said, "I know." So then I bought him lots of treats and toys, because he was such a very good boy.

Back home, I called Christyn and Brian to see if Brian had time to fix my car door hinge and if I should bring Pixel over to play with their kittens. Soon, I was headed over with Pixel in tow, and Brian and I went out to see about replacing the swing hinge. It's the little piece that keeps the door from swinging free, which is much more important than you'd suspect. Anyway, turns out Saturn had sold me the wrong side, so I had to go back. I left Pixel with Christyn and Brian and headed out to Saturn of Stevens Creek. They didn't have the other part, but Saturn of Capitol Expressway did, so I headed there. Finally, back to Christyn and Brian's, Brian installed the new hinge lickety-split because he's cool like that. We arranged for me to carpool up to Karen and Crystal's party with them since Rick would be returning from points east to replace his ATM card and would meet me at the party.

So I packed up Pixel and headed home, parking in the driveway temporarily. I came inside and started on a project, realizing about 6 that I needed to be ready to go shortly. So I quickly changed my shirt and shoes and headed out to move the car into the back. While outside, I heard the phone ring. So I shut the car door and turned to head back inside, thinking it was either Christyn calling with an update on their ETA, or Rick calling to tell me something important. I took one step in the grass, and one step on the walkway, and then found myself on hands and knees on the cement. Ouch. Deep breath, and assessed for broken bones, and sat there for a moment trying to figure out how that all happened. Then I realized the phone was still ringing. I stood up, and found my shoe very stuck in a big mass of dog poop on the walkway. Ew. So I stepped out of my shoes leaving them at the base of our entry steps. I answered the phone. It was Christyn saying they were on their way. I said, "Oh, okay..." I realized my pants were also smeared with dog doo. I dropped those in the hallway and realized there was a lot of pain in my knees. I went to the drawer and grabbed two ziplock baggies and to the freezer for some ice. I headed back to the bedroom to see about an alternate outfit. Sitting down, I pulled off my tights to reveal two knees, both starting to bruise rather immediately. The right one took it worse, and had an extremely dark bruise forming very quickly. Right. So, two bags of ice placed on knees and sitting still. Pixel came and dropped his new toy in my lap, because clearly I must be there to play with him. He didn't really get that my hands were full.

So then I hear, "Um... Ammy?" coming from Christyn. She was very puzzled to find abandoned shoes, a door standing open, and jeans in the hallway. I assured her that I wasn't dead, and set about trying to make a list of how to get back on track. I put the ice down and started getting dressed. And finding alternate shoes. And things. Honestly, I don't really remember. There was a lot of adrenaline involved at that point. All I know is that Brian (bless him!) took my shoes from outside and cleaned them off, and cleaned off our front walkway. Beyond that, with all that had happened, my white shirt had stayed clean. This was something of a miracle, as I usually can't wear a white shirt for 20 minutes without getting it dirty, and this white shirt had been involved in rolling on the cement in a dog poo related incident, and yet it was still clean. With this small victory blazing gloriously in the front of my mind, I pulled it together, and headed out to the party with a bag of ice for each knee.

The party was lovely. There was oodles of food including some yummy ollieberry tarts, and some of the best carrots I've ever eaten. There were lots of good friends and hours of good conversation. I succeeded in the minor coup of giving the girls a movie I'm fully assured they will love yet had not seen yet. Rick arrived around 9 and brought me a soda and I iced my knees several times. It was a lovely evening, all in all.

And this morning I slept late, and took more ibuprofen, and have a slightly bruised left hand, a well bruised left knee, and a truly artfully bruised right knee that's also terribly stiff, but all in all, for my great flight of dog doo, I suspect I'll be fully recovered by the end of the week. It could've been so very much worse.

Meanwhile, this gave me a great excuse to again skip painting the ceiling, and go see Walk The Line with Cyrus and Athena instead. Perhaps next Sunday will be the time to paint the ceiling. We shall see...


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