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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm not a morning person, but...

So having switched over to the 8-5 schedule to carpool with Christyn, I thought for certain that it would be hell. (I was previously working 9:30-6:30.) But the added benefit of having someone to talk to in the morning has thoroughly balanced out the early schedule. And though I was definitely wicked tired last Thursday, I slept better that night and managed to go on pure fun and very little sleep for the weekend until yesterday when I slept in, and then stayed out late at the Plough. This morning I woke up, and wished I could turn over and go back to sleep, but I didn't and after a nice drive to work whizzing past the rest of the traffic, I was actual ready for real troubleshooting by ten after eight. It's weird. There seems to be two key elements to this. One, I hate disappointing others, so I force myself out of bed on time so that I'm not late getting Christyn. Two, having conversations before sitting quietly in front of my computer makes me far more ready to sit in front of my computer and do real work right off the bat.

I'm really hoping Christyn's job works out, or she finds another one on campus that suits her better. I'm feeling like I've gained hours in the day, which is something I've always asked for for Christmas and never gotten before.


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