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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Not-So-Dreaded Annual Pilgrimage

It's weird. Over the years, lots of folks have said to me that they don't want to use Kaiser for insurance because they'd hate to leave their doctor. I have the exact opposite problem. I like my doctors so much I'd hate to leave Kaiser. My general practioner is this hip, funky chic who always has the cutest glasses and who is quick with a witty joke and yet still makes me feel heard and never scoffs at my injuries. I found her about 2 years ago, and I really like her. But my OB/GYN is just the best. I've been seeing him for about six years now and he always remembers exactly where we left off last, which in this case was to ask about Rick and Valentine's Day because last year I saw him 2 days after that fiasco. Anyway, he added a new actress to the list of "Who Ammy Looks Like." In the past, it's been "That girl from Little House on the Prarie" (Melissa Gilbert). After that I've gotten "That girl from Single White Female" (Jennifer Jason Leigh). His addition was "The woman that played the girlfriend in the first season of Spin City" (Carla Gugino). The common theme? I always look similar to a girl with brown eyes.


  • Who is your regular doc and which Kaiser is she at. I'm with Kaiser, though the closest one is Oakland, it's never bad to hear about docotrs that other people like

    By Blogger Chris S, at 8:56 PM  

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