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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gonna Kill Me a Bicyclist

One of the stresses of working at Stanford is the bicyclists on campus. For some reason, they seem to believe that they are immune to all traffic laws and equally immune to being killed by being run over by a car. Between the edge of campus and parking today I nearly ran over 3 kids on bikes. The first one ran the stop sign I was turning right at, and nearly got squished as I turned into him. The second ran the same stop sign while riding on the sidewalk after I was clearly in the middle of the turn. I actually honked at him. Then after dropping off Christyn, I passed through the intersection at Palm and Campus Loop and a third bicyclist ran a stop sign from the sidewalk while I was already accelerating thorugh the intersection. I had to stomp my brakes in the middle of the intersection to avoid hitting him. This is bad, especially since the car from the other side of the intersection was anticipating my exit of the intersection and had to stomp her brakes to avoid hitting me.

So here's a little memo to all the nigh-invulnerable brats on bikes on campus: I don't care if you don't stop for every stop sign. Run as many as you like WHEN THERE'S NO OTHER TRAFFIC PRESENT!!! But when there's traffic, at say, rush hour, then stop at the bloody sign, or at least slow down to assess what's going on in the intersection before rolling out. You have no seat belt. You have no metal surrounding you. And 99% of you aren't even bright enough to wear a helmet. I will kill you with my car. It will happen, if you don't decide to start treating the road signs and traffic laws as if they apply to you. And I'm going to feel really bad when that happens. I've never even hit an animal on the road. I'd hate to start my history of road carnage with a crunchy little undergrad who clearly isn't smart enough to be at Stanford.


  • Amen, I had the same conversation with myself, when I temped at Stanford a number of years ago. It's not even restricted to the tiny roads in the center on campus. I've seen stop signs run on the big Campus Drive roads that mark the outisde of campus and are conceivably just regular roads.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 1:51 PM  

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