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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mostly Done

Well the electricians finished around 1 on Saturday. My dad left around 2. I have lots of new plugs and a porch light and a lightswitch by the backdoor to turn on the kitchen light and a plug in the bathroom that works when the light is off and a floor in my attic. But oy, what a journey. It'll be months to recover. We've got to patch and paint and before any of that, we have to clean everything. The kitchen was covered in dirt and dust and plaster. I spent the first three hours after everyone left working from one side of the counter to the other, wiping and washing and scrubbing. It was pretty amazingly dirty. But it's clean now. And I have all sorts of appliances plugged in to outlets that didn't exist a week ago. That part is pretty cool. And heck, having a very freshly cleaned from top to bottom kitchen isn't a bad thing either. But now I need to do the same thing to the bathroom and the dining room and the bedrooms and the living room and the attic. Oy. And we're still waiting on getting the permit signed off and two fixtures in the attic. Then it'll be done. And yes, it really is better now that it's over.


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