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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Not a Gardener

There are those who find keeping a garden or yard very satisfying. This is not me. I just spent three hours wrestling weeds, tearing them out around rose bushes, being crawled on by some unsavory bugs, and getting dirty and sweaty. I've been putting it off for weeks, so it was really bad. There were four major kinds of weeds - an evil broad leafed thing with huge roots, a tall common thing with yellow flowers and milky ooze, a creeping grass thing that's easy to pull up, and a tall grassy thing that requires shoveling under and still a bunch of effort to pull up. I took three yard cart loads to the curb, and sprayed Round-Up on what I couldn't get out. Also, 3 more rose bushes died over the summer so out they went too. I don't like having roses, and eventually, the yard will get a major overhaul and the roses aren't going to make the cut. But for now, the yard is mowed and weeded and slightly tamer. And I'm going to dinner and a movie because I've earned it. This brings to a close 8 days of house cleaning. I've cleaned up all the electrician and dad mess and generally have the house functioning again. There's still holes in my walls, but I'll get to that. I'm going to take a few days away to not be a home laborer, starting tonight. Oh yes, I will get my life back.


  • "tall common thing with yellow flowers and milky ooze"

    If these are dandelions, if you pick them young, they are tender and are good in salad. If that's any motivation

    By Blogger Chris S, at 9:57 AM  

  • They're not dandelions if they're tall. Dandelions grow along the ground. The tall things that kinda look like dandelion are sow thistle. I believe they might also be edible, but you'd have to google it.

    Hi Ammy!

    By Blogger Megan Lynch, at 1:40 AM  

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