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Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Revolution Without Dancing is a Revolution Not Worth Having

I've got a love for utopian and dystopian stories. Few will ever surpass the experience of reading Fahrenheit 451 for the first time, but all are held up as a lens through which to see the hopes and fears of the collective consciousness at the time of their telling. V for Vendetta is another dystopian future tale, but the telling was a great ride. After the last two Matrix movies, I really thought the Wachowski brothers had lost their touch, but V was well told, and Hugo Weaving was again a master of vocal acting. And like so many dystopian future tales, this one celebrated the art and culture that makes life worth living as the thing that gets lost in a totalitarian future, pausing for a moment just before the denouement to take a moment to embrace the music and dance. I hope that I'm dancing in the last days of my life, whatever those may be. Hopefully like the little old couple at Disneyland, who danced there every Saturday night until the night before she died. That sounds perfect to me.


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