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Sunday, March 19, 2006

St. Patrick's Day

I've gotten in the habit of taking St. Patrick's Day off. I did it again, and it was great. After having lunch with Cynthia at Le Cheval, I went to the Driving With Fergus show at the Oakland City Center. The show was great, and old friends kept trickling in for dancing. We had the most perfect Chutney ever - long arms, big figures, and no flubs. It was magical. Big thanks to Steve, Naomi, and Alex for that moment of zen.

The evening was consumed with Friday Night Waltz and Jammix. We did a polka set demo at Jammix at 11:30. They'd learned the Kerry Set during the lesson, and Richard wanted a demo of Irish dance as a living, evolving tradition, so we did a wild 5 minute (too short!) set of all the good stuff - angle saxon squares, m-f, ring out the dishrag, country square, grand quick square. It was really fun. And there was cheering. That felt good. Usually in Palo Alto/Stanford, Irish dancing is that annoying thing happening in the middle of the ballroom. But this time they were watching, and I think they thought it was kind of cool. And Forest was there, which was a real treat as I hardly ever get to see him anymore, and he's the one who invented the angle saxon square, so it was especially nice to see it (and therefore him) get such big cheers from the audience. I really would like to get the South Bay ceili rolling again soon. I miss doing regular Irish dancing. Ah well, after I finish dealing with the Browncoat Ball.

Anyway, it was a great day of fabulous dancing, and that's the best part of St. Patrick's Day for me. It's the one day a year that everyone else is interested in Irish dancing, and I get to grab my friends and dance my legs off.

(Also it's Bates' birthday, which is cool too. Happy Birthday Bates!)


  • After the Noon show, Quinn, his parents, Will and I were looking to get lunch. I realized that Le Cheval was quite near, because you mentioned it while we were there. So we went and had a good time. The food was quite good and there were a variety of vegetarian things for people so inclined to choose from.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 3:53 PM  

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