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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ammy's Week in Review

Every day this week, I've been thinking, "Yeah, and I should write that up for the blog." And every day it just doesn't happen. So here's a quick couple of bites.

I went to the Plough on Monday. It was a truly charmed trip. I left campus at 6:22 and made it to the Plough by 7:10. That shouldn't be possible. Somehow, space and time were folded and I made it in time for the lesson. And the lesson was the Hallucination Jig 2.0, with an alternate 3rd figure. So, getting another lesson on Hallucination was good, not butting heads with Patrick was great, and getting to learn the alternate figure was cool. It's a six-hand rights and lefts. It's pretty. After 9, the charmed evening continued with lots of advanced dances. There was a reel-a-thon followed immediately by the Hallucination jig, with 4-hand jigs later, plus High Caul Cap, plus a polka set. By the end of the night, I was tuckered out. I danced every dance until the polka set, which I actually opted to sit out for something like the first time in 11 years. Sweaty to the core, I drove home and slept like a log.

We've also had Dixie visiting this week. She and Pixel are hilarious together. They're very similar personalities, with Dixie being just a little more rebellious and willful. They go racing through the house, tackling one another, swatting each other in the face, chewing each others ears, finally collapsing into a heap and licking each other. It's unbelievably cute. Except at 5am when Dixie decides it's time to walk on my vanity and knock the jewelry box to the ground. Then she gets tossed out to the hall.

Tonight is my third West Coast Swing class. My brain gets the basic footwork now, but my legs are still arguing. The basic six count figure goes walk-walk-triple step-triple step. With two beats left in the music and a history of Lindy and East Coast swing, my legs naturally fill in a rock step at the end of that, which is just all wrong. I'm hoping tonight my legs will start cooperating. We shall see.

Rick and I joined a gym today. It's right across from the Camera 12 theaters we frequent, so we noticed they had a $19 initiation/$19 a month deal. We talked through the various options and their guy called back with a perfect deal for us today. So now we're looking forward to spending Sunday afternoon going to a movie and working out together.

Gaskells is Saturday. Yay!


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