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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Project Relief

I've been slaving away over some import files for our new time tracking system for the past couple of weeks. I finished up last night around 9pm with the last file of project/task combinations for the department, a whopping 1700 lines long. The consultant arrived at 9am this morning to load everything and there were 3 typos in just one the seven files. Everything else loaded perfectly. We're done already even though he'd planned for 2 days. So I started looking over the reports, seeing if it does what we hoped for, and it does. This is very very cool. Now I get to fake up some data tonight to load in the morning and start prepping for a meeting with the directors on the 11th to see what changes they'd like to make. But overall, it went amazingly well, and now I'm all relieved.


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