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Thursday, April 27, 2006


It never ceases to amaze me that I can get through the whole of Dickens Fair without so much as the sniffles, and then some random Tuesday in April, I come down with a killer cold. Here's hoping I'm on the mend, but if there was something I was supposed to do with you or for you this week, assume that I've forgotten or had to give it up or will get back to it later.

Meanwhile, spending a couple of days at home, I've noticed a few cool things going on in my neighborhood. First, we have a street sign on the corner of William and 23rd. If you've ever come to my house, and missed the turn, you know how much this is appreciated. Additionally, construction has begun on the KB Homes site at the end of 23rd. The houses are going up really fast, and there's a pretty steady stream of traffic through the sales office. Also, the house across the street is getting a fresh coat of paint. Looks like it's going to be tan with white trim. So far, with just the primer and first coat, it looks much better.

Finally, our next door neighbors are really great. They've taken to mowing our lawn, and today they were pulling weeds. They're spectacularly poor, but they spend their time keeping up the neighborhood rather than anything else. We gave them a gift card this week for the local grocery store. Next step is to get an X-ray for Adella's dog Gunther. He's been limping a while now, and she can't afford the $80 to get it checked out. So, I think we'll pitch in on that. Gunther is such a great dog (he carries the groceries home!) and Adella would be lost without him. We haven't had to rehire a gardener, so I'm more than willing to spend what we would've spent on that to take care of them.


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