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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekend-y Weekend

It was the nicest of weekends. Friday night was one of our low-keyed game nights with 20 friends huddled around tables and in circles on the floor playing various games. Favored games included Shadows Over Camelot, Apples to Apples, Hoopla, and Muppet Uno. Muppet Uno is a nifty variation that includes a "Mayhem" card. This means the cards get passed right or left or across depending on what the person who played it calls. It was a lovely evening, resulting in one lone houseguest. We roused the next morning and made a breakfast of eggs, grits, and turkey bacon. It was super yummy. Then there was a smidgen of shopping followed by Elizabeth's birthday party. It was a small gathering of some of my closest friends, gnoshing on tea sandwiches, strawberries, and sundaes. The roast beef tea sandwiches had just a little horseradish mixed into the mayonaisse and it was just the perfect little kick. And the strawberries.... mmmm... yum. So today I was supposed to go to Sacramento for a neo-hellenic symposium, but Rick asked if I could stay home and spend the day with him. So, skipping the five hours of driving in favor of extensive sleeping in, breakfast at Ole's with Shauna and Sherman and going open housing with them in Alameda. I was surprised to find prices there much lower than I expected. Highlights included a townhouse/duplex near Webster on Pacific for $350k. I didn't think you could find anything decent in the entire bay area for that kind of money nowadays, but it was a really cute little place. It had a good sized back yard, a 1 car garage, and a little studio/spare room in the yard. It was a very liveable space, and darned reasonably priced. But the real highlight was this amazing place on Paru for $588k. It's 110 years old, lots of period detail, and the basement has been fully converted into a second unit. There's a lot of that in Alameda. Dave's place is a classic example - officially a 2 bedroom house, but with a basement that's the size of the entire house with 8 foot ceilings and the attic with room for a living room and a ballroom. No really, a ballroom. We go there to practice Fezziwigs, and it's not small. Anyway, I spent the day falling in love with Alameda all over again. Too bad I don't work at Cal instead of Stanford. Ah well. We headed out of there after dropping Shauna and Sherman off and headed homeward to the south bay. We went to the Camera 7 for a slice of Pizza My Heart and to see Ice Age 2, which was cute. Finally, we headed home to check the mail and get ready for the week.

There was nothing splashy. No major event that made it a perfectly great weekend. Just a whole lot of little things to generate the kind of mellow relaxing weekend I've been needing.

And now to face the masses and mayhem at work on Monday. It's Reg Day (last day to pay fees without penalty for the quarter), and undergrad admissions decisions went out yesterday, plus I've got to finish the Unanet set up before the consultant arrives Tuesday morning. It's a good thing I had such a nice weekend!


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