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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Apartment Hunting

There's a part of me that should've been a real estate agent, specifically a buyer's agent. But that would make my hobby my job, and that tends to take all the fun out of it. So, I'll continue to play the part of the housing hunter on the side.

Last night I went out hunting with Laura, who is working in Mountain View and still commuting over the hill from Santa Cruz. So, I leapt into action and combed Craig's List according to her fancies and we toured the south bay in search of an apartment. Starting from Mountain View, we headed through Sunnyvale, finding one interesting complex there, and another nice place near downtown Sunnyvale (a block from Tom and Kim's old place). From there we wound into Santa Clara and down into downtown San Jose. I was interested to find that the apartments above Spiedo are actually reasonably priced. It's a neat old building, and would be a fabulous place to live if you worked in downtown San Jose. Finally, after a few more places in downtown, we went to the Naglee mansion. There's a 2 br place in the caretaker's house available for rent. It was a total dream apartment. Magical. Enough to throw two pervy Victorian fanciers into near hyperventilation. Wow. The only downside is that it's been posted since May 4th, so someone may have beaten us to it. But oh, the hope! The dream!

After that we grabbed a slice at Pizza My Heart and looked at a few places in West San Jose and Campbell, but everything paled in comparison. So the hunt was fun, with one outstanding place, two decent places in Sunnyvale, and a good overview of the south bay achieved so that she knows more of what to look for if none of those pan out. And I had a totally great time on the hunt, satisfying that itch for another few months. But, please, oh please, let her get the Naglee place! It was just too insanely fabulous!


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