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Monday, May 22, 2006

But I was at Carson City instead...

You may ask, "Carson City? WTF, mate?"

In Carson City this weekend was the Pembrooke Renaissance Faire. I joined the Merrie Pryanksters for a round of dancing and Ren Faire fun. I must say, I'm really enjoying their good company. They're a very down-to-earth bunch as Ren Faire folk go. And Ren Faire without high (socio-personal) drama is just right for me nowadays.

Highlights included:
- lamb stew and roasted zuchinni for dinner at Eddie and Alisa's rather than fast food on the road.
- rocking Sarah (Ellen's 9 month old daughter) to sleep in my lap while her father played the fiddle as her mother danced on stage. Sarah is a super-cutie baby.
- dancing "If All the World Were Paper" on stage and not forgetting any of it even though I just learned it last Sunday.
- getting a chance to hang out with Daniel and Phil a bit for the first time since Dickens.
- dinner at the King Buffet with its Chinese/Sushi/Mongolian/pizza/fruit/soft serve buffet glory. It was some of the best won-ton soup I've had outside of the Hong Kong Cafe in Sacramento, and certainly was a pleasant surprise when I was expecting very mediocre buffet food. Plus they had hot water in the bathroom where I felt much better after washing the sunblock off my face.
- sitting in the back of Dave's van as various homemade liqueurs were passed around, shooting the breeze. The best part of Ren Faire is frequently still after faire closes at the end of the night. The only thing this night lacked was a fire pit.
- strange looks from the locals as Josh and I walked through Costco in search of shade, Diet Coke, and a camping pad.
- the drive home down 50. We debated whether to take 50 or 80 home. We chose wisely. The drive down 50 was magical. It's snow-melt season so there were waterfalls rushing down the rocks, snaking between snow patches and trees. It was so extraordinarily beautiful.
- a whole weekend at Ren Faire with no bodice burn!!!

Hopefully Jeremy is serious about starting a south bay Pryanksters practice soon, because I'm hooked, and I really want to learn the 29th of May and Argeers before the next faire.


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