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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Exit Exam Reinstated

Hunh. Go figure. But now having asked a few high school students about the sorts of questions asked, and gotten their quite exasperated answers about how ridiculously easy the test was and the quality of the examples they gave, I stand by my earlier assessment. Just being present in high school isn't enough. You have to actually learn stuff and achieve a minimum standard. That's not asking so very much. And if you've gotten all the way to your senior year, through at least three attempts at the test and still haven't decided to pursue a tutoring option or something else, then no, you don't get the diploma. Suit up and show up does not imply education. You have to actually do the work and learn something. Call me a hard-assed bitch, but that's just my opinion. For too long we have allowed social promotion to supplant real education. A line must be drawn, and it's just too bad it happens so late in the game.


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