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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's my birthday!

So far, the birthday thing is going as swimmingly as ever. I woke up and was able to find my skates this morning. I got not one, but two lovely cards from Rick, one of which was homemade and completely adorable with a picture of Rick with Pixel perched on his shoulders with little party hats affixed over each of them. It was just what I asked for, but the other card included a Discount Card to our favorite movie theater chain, which is an imminently practical gift as I'd just used up my last card and there's at least three movies out right now I want to see. The card even had a special disclaimer saying that he had to go with me to whatever movie I picked. Not that this is usually an issue, but woohoo! I came into the office to be chided for working on my birthday. (This is Stanford after all. It's policy that your birthday is a holiday. But I'm saving my spare 8 hours for a non-Wednesday.) Plus there were lovely flowers and a card on my chair from my roomie. So I put the flowers in some water and have the scent wafting around me. I got birthday emails and journal posts from bunches of friends, and KFOG sent me a birthday video greeting which made me giggle. My team gave me a silly card with Daffy Duck. There's always room for Warner Bros. related silliness. Next I have a go-live meeting for my implementation project. Then a big document to write. That's okay though. In between I think I'll go get a nice turkey burger at the Treehouse because it's my birthday, and after years of promising myself some weight loss, this year I achieved it through pure dumb luck. This totally rocks, and opens up several options for outfits for the next Gaskells. And well, I must say, the weather is gorgeous today. 70 degrees, with big puffy clouds drifting by.

Thirty-one went pretty darned well. I can only hope thirty-two turns out as happily.


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