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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It's still very odd to me that I have to trim my nails regularly. After a lifetime as a nail biter, it's very very odd to find them long enough to be significantly annoying. Additionally, I find that a 40's style (non-glamour) nail, just to the end of the finger at most, is my limit for long nails. I'll never have 80's dragon lady nails. That's just annoying. I was dancing with Will a couple of weeks ago, demonstrating a hand hold and he was suggesting the various reasons for doing it one way over another, and he noticed that yes, I do have nails and yes, that's why not to do it that way, and wow, isn't that a change. Why yes, yes it is. Of course, there's been quite a bit of random reflection with Will of late. No idea why. Last night we were remembering my 10 years ago birthday party. Some birthday parties will live in infamy forevermore.


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