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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wanted - New Product

I hope someone has thought of this. If not, I hope they get right on it. Some nice well-established company (maybe Fructis, or L'Oreal, or heck, how about Suave) should create a hair spray that includes sunblock. That way, when you pull your hair into braids for the day and hairspray the flyaways, it also protects your scalp from sunburn on the part. I really really want this product. And it should be available in a nice travel size. Because what ends up happening now is that I have a strip of slightly painful, pretty itchy scalp after a day in the sun. I'd like to avoid that, but I'm not going to rub some Coppertone into my hair in the morning, y'know? It's slimy enough on my skin. I can't imagine it in my hair. Bleh!


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