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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekend Redux

So everything with Johnny Rockets worked out just fine on Friday. Our waiter was probably really sad he came to work today. Ours was not the sole large group of odder than average characters in the joint. The mystery factor I failed to take into account was that not only was that this is Memorial Day weekend, meaning that San Jose is home to not one, but two fan-cons: Baycon and Fanime. Fanime was taking place about a block from Johnny Rocket and Camera 12. Now if I'd realized this, I would've shipped my party over to the Camera 7 at Pruneyard, but I didn't put two and two together, so we got a very crowded Johnny Rockets, that cheerfully served all 14 of us for dinner and a nearly full theater for X3, including an entire row where not a soul moved before the end of the credits. Seeing a movie with those in the know on opening night is always the best way to go. It's a fun movie. Not as much character development as the prior two, but fun.

Saturday I did the impossible. I slept in. And then after I woke up, I lounged in bed and read til Rick woke up. Then we got a call from his dad, who was on his way to town. This was unexpected, and so we slightly rattled our weekend plans a bit to let at least Rick have dinner with him.

Sunday, Rick and I went to two different cons. He'd said months ago that he was curious about Fanime and wanted to go take pictures. I wanted to go play in T's LARP at KublaCon, so we both went to cons for the day, just different ones.

And oh lordy was T's LARP fun. It was Mardi Gras themed, set in New Orleans this year. I got to be queen of the ball. My goals for the evening were simple - enjoy being treated like a queen, take care of my best friend Katie, get to know my uncle Hank, and decided whether or not I want to go to school at Tulane. This meant I was pretty much a facilitator to everyone else's goals. This rocked. I got to just be the girl from California having a good time at the fanciest ball in the Big Easy. Meanwhile, everyone else had bigger problems. There were crooked politics, murder, an FBI undercover agent, tarot readings that were eerily accurate, dancing, ghosts, a vampire, a werewolf (or two), voodoo experts, lying, cheating, embezzling, and an enchanted cup. Oh, and T's sense of humor. By the end of the night I finally found a way to describe it: He's like Robin Williams, but with an off-switch. Same kind of frenetic, witty funny, but also just as easy to talk to seriously. This makes him mighty.

Rounding out the weekend, I also caught both Mission Impossile 3 and The DaVinci Code. MI:3 was all out edge of your seat explosion after improbable feat of violence and intrigue. It's a perfect summer popcorn flick. So, popcorn consumed, check. The DaVinci Code was fun too. Nuggets of truth wrapped around big fiction make for a fun romp. I suspect Parisian tourism will be up again this year. It certainly made me want to go back RIGHT NOW!!! Ah, Paris. And Audrey Tautou is always a joy to watch. And Ian McKellen is fabulous. I love his jab at the Catholic church at Cannes:
I'm very happy to believe that Jesus was married. And I know the Catholic church has problems with gay people and so this would be absolute proof that Jesus was not gay.

For a church so bent on screaming and hopping up and down about the DaVinci Code, this is the perfect slap. Touche!


  • I'll never understand why there are 3 cons on the same weekend. It seems that they would all be fighting for basically the same group of people. But KublaCon seemed well attended and I heard that Baycon was lots of fun, so perhaps we are simply fortunate to have a large and vried enough geek population to support 3 cons on the same weekend.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 2:23 PM  

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