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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I'm not good at being bored. Today the queue is really deadly dull. There's one to three tickets coming in each hour. Each one takes five to ten minutes to complete. But I still have to check the queue every ten minutes to make sure nothing urgent has come in. So I click refresh, then wonder what to do with the remaining nine minutes and fifty seconds until the next time I click refresh. I am so bored. This kind of boredom really gets to me. I stop being able to think of anything to do, and stop being able to be motivated to do anything else. There's a reporting task I could work on, but I don't really understand the desired result fully, so it's hard to work on that in 9 minute chunks. I've read Live Journal and SF Gate and the Stanford Report. I've stared at the reporting files. I've contemplated other things to do. But mostly, I've been idle. I've done a really great job fully documenting every ticket that has come in. But I'm at that horrible low energy place I get to when I'm too bored. It's like every last ounce of creative spunk has been sucked out of me. I can't wait til 5:00 when I can run away. When cleaning the bathroom sounds exciting because it's so productive, you know you've gone around the bend. At least there's only 2 more days until Holy Thursday. By 2:00 on Thursday, I should be free of the ten minute leash, and I'll be so very thrilled.

Time to go click Refresh. Yep. Still no new tickets. Time to wait another nine minutes and fifty seconds.


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