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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Commencement Week - Holy Thursday

They call it Holy Thursday. All grades are due by noon. All graduates are due to be fully signed off by 2pm. Today life goes from check every ten minutes to check every five minutes until 2pm. I've got a big cup of coffee and a frozen lunch. I'm ready.

Meanwhile, there be pirates in the Day In Pictures. Snicker.

And yesterday I fully overcame potential boredom to be totally productive. Javier had asked me to finish the reporting task, which I did, and revised the grading business process document. Plus there was a ticket that came in about PO Box renewals and I realized we had no business process document for that, so I wrote one up. Ten pages later we had shiny new documentation and I was feeling all proactive.

And I'd planned to drop in on the Irish Sets last night, but Bates called and said "Harold and Maude! Cinema San Pedro!" and well, I couldn't resist. So Rick and I took the folding sofa and curled up together with a small assortment of friends and acquaintances for a movie in the middle of the street. We shared a meal at Sonoma Chicken Coop beforehand, ultimately unable to resist the Banana Phyllo Sundae. So very yummy.

And can I just say how much I love my new car. Okay, so it's not a hover car, but besides that, it's the most 21st century thing I own. When I think back on my expectations for future technology, this car hits a bunch of those details. I walk up to the car and it automatically unlocks my door. No more fishing for keys or a fob; just *beep* and I know it has welcomed me. And then there's the phone. When I get in the car, my phone automatically knows that there's a hands-free system waiting, so it syncs up. Last night Rick called on my way home and I just pressed the answer button on the steering wheel and it automatically muted the radio and we had a little conversation and then I hung up and the radio came back up. This is so very cool. And the navigation system is great. It doesn't scold me when I go off course; it just recalculates in about 1 second and directs me from there. And it always offers 3 routes to my destination, allowing me to pick the best knowing factors that a basic map doesn't necessarily know (like 101 is a parking lot in the morning).

Tonight I pack up to spend the weekend in Disneyland with my mom and five Swedes. Unfortunately, Rick doesn't get to go due to a combination of money issues, too much schoolwork, and needing to be at a Monday morning meeting. I'm going to miss having his company in the park. It'll be interesting to do Disneyland outside of my usual peer group. I expect this trip will be fairly different, but hopefully fun. Too bad I didn't find out sooner or else I would've tried to dragoon another DL regular into joining us (Shauna or Fred maybe).

Oh, and for the record, so far this week there's been a total of 4 Commencement related tickets in amongst the dozens of summer session enrollment, course setup, security related, and duplicate ID tickets. Wheeeeeeee!


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