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Monday, June 26, 2006

Fair Oaks Faire

It's been twenty years of Fair Oaks Faire, and like most years, it was hot. I expected pure misery, but really, I was surprised to find it wasn't all that bad. The park is so beautifully shaded by oak trees that it felt really quite bearable most of the day. Dancing didn't sound like a terrible idea, and the stage was even shaded. Ellen had been told to plan for street sets, so she was surprised to find we had three stage shows a day. So we threw together stage sets on the fly and they went pretty well. We even had teaching sets that stretched out well past the official stage space.

Look - Dave took pictures!

On both days I ended up taking an air conditioning break over at the Arby's. It's weird how little has changed in that neighborhood, but I remember when that Arby's was a Rax and they had a salad bar back when salad bars were new and spiffy. That was a long long time ago. Of course, I also remember when Fair Oaks Faire wasn't at Temple Park but down in old Fair Oaks so really, let's just face it, I'm old, and well, it's my home town.

Saturday evening a dozen or so Pryanksters went back to Erik & Marissa's place for yummy barbecue. First we dashed out to the pool for a quick swim, then watched the sun set over the farmland while standing around as burgers cooked on the grill. Josh (the Scottish Highland dancer) went out to the sidewalk and looked every bit the part of the romance novel cover, with locks flowing. Rene and Claudia and Whitton ran out to play the part of the Three Graces. Luckily, a couple of pictures were taken. Back inside, mai tais were served first. Then Eddie started making these yummy fresh strawberry drinks. Then he made mojitos. These all happen to fit the list of alcoholic drinks I actually enjoy, so drinks were had, followed by plenty of water. Eddie and Alisa also brought a funky mushroom from the farmer's market I'd never tried before. They'd forgotten the name, but it was nice, light, firm, and tasty. I'm not much of a mushroom person, so I was pleasantly surprised to consider this food.

On Sunday, somehow a minor water fight got started. The trouble is, both Erik and I are pretty competitive. So when he claimed that he'd won, that was more of a call to action than an end to the affair. Sure, he has longer arms and martial arts training, but I had three bucks which said St. Greg's would help me win. When you can't win the war on your own terms, hire mercenaries. Or something. And oh but they do a nice job! So after the drubbing, Erik vowed revenge and I went merrily off for my air conditioning and beverage break at Arby's with Josh, and David Bedno joined us there. We talked about housing in Alameda and other random stuff. I was wandering back to Pryankster camp to stash the rest of my soda and minding my own business when from behind comes a mass of water and ice. This is the part where I demonstrate once again that when it comes to screams, though Nicole has pitch, I will always have volume. Soaked through three skirts, shift, bloomers, tights and undies right to the skin, I was willing to let Erik claim victory, because really, we'd both thoroughly lost/won this game, for losing really had no consequence as the weather made it perfectly pleasant to be completely soaking wet, and also managed to evaporate the water rather quickly.

I ended my day by helping pack up Pryankster camp, sorting trash from recyling and hefting bins over the fence to the van and finally heading over to Suzi and Sandy's house for a pool party. Rick had taken the train up to get there so we headed home together finally getting home about midnight.


  • sounds entirely pleasant. Isn't it incredible how quickly Sara is growing?

    By Blogger Bill B, at 2:00 PM  

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