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Monday, June 12, 2006

Fairie Ceili, and other dancey goodness

There was dancing, dancing, dancing, a movie, and dancing this weekend. Allow me to state for the record that this totally rocked. FNW was lovely, with an appearance from Kat, tunes by Sam & Whitton, and a lovely BNP with Daniel. Ardenwood went beautifully. There were lots of dancers so no one had to get overly tuckered out. There was a gorgeous pair of Browyn's Chutneys, complete with very large long figures and tight crisp bow-tie heys. Gaskells was somewhat sparsely populated, but that mostly meant I got a chance to dance with nearly everyone I wanted (well, most at least). Plus, the six of us girls of the Estrogen Evening realized Elizabeth's evil plot to arrive as fairies.

Erik and Marissa stayed over and we headed to Hobbee's for breakfast before seeing Cars at the Camera 7. Cars is not quite as inspired as some earlier Pixar movies, but it's still got that Pixar shine, where they just don't produce anything not worth watching. And there's a ton of inside-joke detail in this movie.

Finally, there was the Fairie Ceili. Quinn had an inspired idea to dance under the light of the full moon. We met at the Berkeley Rose Garden where Quinn brought us freshly baked cinnamon rolls, we toured the rose garden at dusk, and then we headed across the street to the other park to dance. First we got terribly distracted by the giant slide. The slide is so cool. Concrete, worn smooth with years of use, and a heap of cardboard at the bottom to speed the trip. So, after zipping down the slide one after the other, we danced in the grass. Our new motto: In the dark, no one can see your footwork. It was just lovely dancing under the open air. The night was cool and foggy, but perfect for dancing. We started with a Fairy Reel (of course!) and ran through everything we had enough hands for. By 11 we were leaving the park, sweaty, fully of cinnamon treats, and ready for bed.

So if I'm not getting out to dance again all week, at least it was a weekend chock full of the best sort of dancey goodness.


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