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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Living to the Fullest

So I went to work, did that work thing, then came home, did a couple of minor chores, then commenced the evening run. Dinner at PF Changs sharing Lettuce Wraps, Won-Ton Soup, and Garlic Snap Peas. I treated Rick to dinner since he found my front license plate in the garage. Then we headed to the gym for a quick workout and caught the 9:40 show of Superman Returns. I love that they kept the original score, but seriously, I thought Lois Lane was human? She should've died about 18 times over. Maybe her innate durability is why Superman thinks she's so hot. I dunno. Anyway, fun movie. But now it is late and I've gotta go do that work thing again in the morning. G'night!


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