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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July

I had this plan. It was a good plan. But it was utterly foiled by a pool, a baby, and dancing.

Erik and Marissa were hosting a 4th of July BBQ starting at noon. T and Danielle were hosting a 4th of July BBQ starting at 4pm. I figured, go to one for a few hours, and then head on to the next one. It was a beautiful plan. But just before 3, Dave and Ellen arrived with Sarah. She'd just cut her fourth tooth this morning and was headed to the pool for her first swim. So out to the pool we all went, and bobbed around, cannon-balled, played pool Katamari, compared relative whiteness, and splashed around until thoroughly pruney.

After that, there was grazing and walking Sarah around attached to my fingers, followed by a call for dancing the Hallucination jig since several folks had just learned it the night before. It was at this point that I turned to Rick and said, "Do you want to head to the next party or stay put." He got distracted and didn't really answer me for another 30 minutes or so when I asked again. At this point, we were well and truly running late, so I decided dancing wins over driving and was promptly handed a fresh mai tai. So dancing, then playing a cool game called Tsuro, which I'll be buying a copy of for the happy hour lounge at the Browncoat Ball. Alisa finished making some truly decadent vanilla ice cream and we slurped it down on the lawn outside. Finally the party started packing up for a pilgrimage to the park for fireworks. This was our cue to head back home.

So once again I was treated to fireworks around the bay from the freeway. We saw lots of fireworks between Fairfield and Walnut Creek, and a few bursts here and there after that. When we got home, our neighborhood was still blasting with tons of illegal fireworks. The spent bottle rocket in our driveway was hardly a comfort. But Pixel was happy to have us home and so we gave him some supper and headed off to bed.


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