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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Browncoat Ball

Speaking of the Browncoat Ball, tickets are on sale now. A few months ago, I spent a lot of time hammering out the details for the various venues and menus and events. Then it sat idle for a little while while I waited for Ray to finish up the website. Now I'm diving back in, making up a playlist for Friday night, planning to spend July 29th in the city, first going through a tour of Chinatown, then lunch at the Empress of China, culiminating in a scavenger hunt collection tour of the 20 blocks between the hotel and Pier 39. That should be a fun day. With just 2 1/2 months to the biggest event I've ever organized, I'm getting a smidgen intimidated, but it'll all work out just fine. It's all details now. The main events are set in stone and they should be great.

Tickets are $150, and that includes two nights of dinner and dancing, a boat cruise, and a tour of Chinatown. It should be great. I can't wait!


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