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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dancey Dancey Dancey

Okay, so yes, Plough was crowded, but a little less wall to wall than I expected. The one thing we did learn is that 3 Hallucination Jigs at once is too much. Too bad for that. But jeez, we had enough advanced dancers for 3 Hallucination Jigs at once. Amazing stuff. The unexpected side effect of the Tuesday off phenomenon was that when John called for the last called dance, the band wasn't ready to stop. So they kept going. First with a reel. Then jigs. Then polkas. Then waltzes. More waltzes. Before we knew it it was 12:30 and the band was just winding down. Wow. I danced til my knee wouldn't let me dance anymore. It said, "Um, time to stop now right?" and I said, "Oh, if you insist. Wait - one more polka?" Oh well. Yes, I will have some Advil before bed thank you. It was a fabulous night. There was a new accordian player, resplendent in her cheetah print body suit and pink hair. Word on the street is that she told Loni "No" last week. She was the one egging on the band. I don't know what it takes, but really, I hope we can keep her. She totally rocked.

And now, the sleeping. Sleeping the sleep of the dead, or at least those who've danced all their little bodies will let them.


  • Cheetah-print accordionist has been at the Plough before, but hasn't been a regular for a while. She does zydeco music, too. I suspect she has a regular gig which was taking the week off.

    She's also learned to play at our speeds, not zydeco speeds.

    By Blogger Anthony, at 9:34 AM  

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