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Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Day In The City

In pursuit of the Browncoat Ball being wicked cool, I spent the day in the city yesterday with Kerry & Michelle and their friend Mike Ross. It was a hoot.

We started the morning taking the SF City Guides tour of Chinatown. We had fresh made fortune cookies en route and I took 15 pages of notes. We followed that with lunch at the Empress of China. We even had a Flaming Baby Quail. The hot and sour soup was especially tasty. And the views are phenomenal. Coit Tower lurks out the window. After lunch, we started the work on the scavenger hunt, both for physical object and photo scavenger hunts. It should be fun. We ended up at Pier 39. Now, I really haven't been to Pier 39. I knew it was a tourist trap, but I had no idea. On the other hand, there was a really cute clothing store where I could've been lots of time and money, a hat shop full of some really great hats, and a movie shop called Antiquities whose manager had been chatting with the Browncoats at Comicon. But there were also crazy agressive buskers, one of whom insisted on shining Kerry's shoes. This was finally accomplished when he smeared goo on his shoes mid-stride. Evil. But we got through that and on to the Musee Mechanique and started heading back through North Beach up to Chinatown. We made it back to Chinatown and hunted for a DVD store for Mike, then swung through one shop to find a little suitcase that matches my purse (so now I have matching cherry print luggage!), then stopped in and picked up some pork buns and headed back to Kerry and Michelle's place in the outer Richmond to finish up the day with some Blade Runner and leftover pizza from Pizza Orgasmica. We'd started watching the first season of Lost the night before so Kerry and Michelle sent us home with the DVDs. I'm sure we'll lose a few nights to Lost in the next few weeks.

All in all I was reminded of the fun that can be had as a tourist in your own area. And getting to spend a day with Kerry and Michelle is always the best.


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