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Sunday, July 23, 2006

On the Job Front

Stanford Administrative Systems announced (another) reorganization last week while I was on vacation. Being on campus, I caught up to some coworkers at lunch immediately following the end of the announcement meeting. As per my assumption, I have been reorganized out of a job. Of 113 jobs in the department, 33 positions remain unchanged. Everyone else will need to apply to a newly created position, interview, and wait for a response until August 28th, or blow the whole thing off and accept a layoff. So, starting tomorrow morning, I'm putting aside my documentation work and my training updates and working on my resume. Maybe I'll find a job in the new org that suits me, or maybe I won't. Maybe I'll apply to something with the Registrar's Office or the Law School or the Medical School. I will definitely be following up on opportunities I've seen at Google and Kaiser in the past few weeks and an interesting gig with the Sam Ramon school district that Elizabeth let me know about. Anyone else who has a job for a support/trainer/analyst type person, just let me know.


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