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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Waltz & Swing Week

It's mostly turning out to be Swing week for me. I'm taking a class with Norma Miller who says things like, "You've seen Day at the Races right? Well when we did that, this is just like that." She also says things like, "No no honey, that's all wrong. You got to stay on the beat." and e two, one two three, buh-bam!" and "That's it. You got it. Now just do it exactly like that every time." It's a an ego melter, but I'm loving it. The class size fell in half after the first day. The net result is that the 7 remaining couples are getting incredibly detailed personal attention. I'm now confident in my swingout for the first time ever. This is cool.

The second class I was taking was Charleston. i got through the first day just fine. The second day was too much, so I went and took a vacation in Joan's Mazurka class. They were working on a pattern with 12 rotary waltzes, 8 forward travellilng redowas, then 8 turning redowas. And they were short follows. So I dove in and felt right at home.

After lunch I'm taking Early Roots of Swing with Richard. This is great. The first day we did Texas Tommy, the original swing from San Francisco. It's positively goofy. Today we worked on early two-step from New York. With each of these, he's showing bits of original footage and it's completely adorable to watch Richard get positively giddy about the history of dance and the ressearch he's done and these 20 second clips of extant film from 1910. It's really great. Tomorrow we're leaping ahead another 25 years to Rock and Roll Swing.

After that, I took Anne's Slow Waltz class, but Room 52 was unbearably hot in the afternoon and nearly did me in. Today I dove into Monica and Ryan's Mazurka Quadrille class. It was perfect for a 12 year veteran of Irish dance. I saw what they worked on the day before and was able to pick it up on the first time through with one mistake, easily corrected. Can't wait for the rest of this class because next we're doing improv sets tomorrow and Thursday. Can you say polka sets? Oh yes, there will be new fun things coming into Irish Polka Sets from this very soon. Heh heh heh.

My final class of the day is Hustle with Anne. We're getting our Diva on. It's fun. Still, I keep thinking, "Yeah, but if this song was playing, I'd be doing a four hand reel." Oh well. It's too bad that I finally have two dances competing for the same music.

And after the dancing, the falling over. For two nights, all I can do is shower, eat dinner, and sleep. Too tired. Today I'm less exhausted because I had a better lunch. Yesterday I was in bed by 9:30.

Speaking of which, it's way past my bedtime. G'night!


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