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Monday, August 14, 2006

A Busy Weekend

Friday Night I was relieved to learn the Fairy Ceili had been cancelled. This gave me time to cook up chili for Liz's wedding on Sunday and go have yummy piadine's at Tomatina. And woof, I admit it, I was crazy tired. We came home and crashed in front of the tv with the first disc of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr..

Saturday we commenced our run at the three big events for the weekend. First stop: Siannan and Tom's going away party. They're off to Georgia for at least 3 years. So we all gathered in Golden Gate Park and munched picnic food and lounged in the grass and played with discs. About the time the party was set to end, the musicians started up and dancing commenced. Still, we had to go to get ready for Gaskells.

Gaskells was lovely and I got to wear a dress that hasn't fit in five years or so. This is always a nice victory. There was a wild little scramble to get ready because Shauna and Sherman were down with a nasty headache and didn't make it to the picnic and left a message saying, "Hey, don't come by, we're dying here." So we scrambled thinking, "Who is going to Gaskells, has an iron, and ready to take on two stragglers?" Then we remembered Alex made an off-hand comment about having folks up to his place for the in between time. I called him up and he welcomed us up the hill. We tried out his garment steamer and lounged around watching the sun set through the layers of fog hanging over the city. Then off to Gaskells for a night of dancing. I have a silly problem at Gaskells these days - there are so many people I want to dance with, but I can't possibly dance with them all because there aren't enough items on the set list. Harumph. (Oh yes, my life is so hard!) Erik and Steve managed to make it just in time for the last two dances, so we got to hear Erik's tale of car woe, and still made it to Au Coquelet just before the vanload of teenagers. Full of french onion soup and chocolate mousse torte, we headed home, dropping off Emily on the way since Bates had to go to work. It was really nice having a chance to talk with her and get to know her a bit better. I can see why Bates thinks she's so keen.

So, into bed around 4 with the comment of "Thank god Lizzie scheduled her wedding for 3pm." By 11:30 we were up again, racing around taking care of the three cats (for we are still fostering the princess, plus Dixie is staying with us while Fred and Malaya are in Europe), getting dressed, and heading out the door to pick up the cakes and grab a bite of breakfast before being off to Walnut Creek to go to Liz & Jeff's wedding. We made it just before 3, and I had Christyn put me to work. I ended up in the ceremony doing the smudging, which I must confess I had no idea if I was doing it right, but heck, I'll pitch in anywhere I can. Liz looked gorgeous with her hair done by Janice and the white dress with red trim. Jeff's tartan became an instant new favorite - red and purple and black plaid! The ceremony was outdoors and the park was not especially well divided so there were some kids by the fountain playing with a kite and occassionally screaming at each other on one side and a festival with a PA system and amplified music on the other side. Add to that a helicopter landing at the med center down the street and it was a little distracting, but everyone looked lovely and it all worked out. It was also Suzi's 31st birthday, and she looked radiant. We talked her into dancing a 4 hand jig with us, where she protested she'd done nothing of the sort for 10 years, but we called her through and she did better than many I know who've been dancing it at least once a month. She rocked. But the dancing started late and there were few dancers left, so it wrapped up with a waltz and the cleaning up commenced.

Home again, we showered up and fed kitties and got ready for the week and headed off to bed. Gee, I wonder why I'm so tired this morning?


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