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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Days When You Should Just Call In Sick

The re-org is chapping my hide. We're in the middle of a pilot test for Unanet for time tracking. We went to the Director's meeting yesterday to discuss go live and so forth. The Executive Director really wants to still go live on September 1. The new jobs are being announced on August 28th. That gives me 2 business days to update every person with a new org and adjust their reporting relationships. I thought to get started I would have the directors get me some basic information like an org hierarchy (blank with no names) so that I could get the new person organizations set up. Instead of giving me an org chart as I requested, they directed me to 8 different Powerpoint presentations, each one created by a different director, with different styles of org charts. I'm to knit these together and hope that none of them are incorrect, because they're not going to get me a total org chart. There are dotted line reporting relationships on some of these. I don't know if these are intended to be real or just illustrative of where things are moving to. And when I asked my project manager to get me a real org chart, he says they won't do it. And when I asked the admin if she had a blank just waiting for the new names to be filled in, she said no. This brings me to the secondary angst of the idea that they probably do have one with names filled in and are just waiting for the pantomime of job interviews to conclude. So here I sit, trying to knit this stuff together, getting increasingly grumpy. And I'm trying to figure out how to send one of the directors a list of projects so that she can revise them, but I can't do that until I get the org hierarchy settled. And I can't do that in earnest until the Dev environment is updated. But Wendy wants her projects of the end of today so that she can work on it tomorrow. Sigh. And then I get a call from Dorothy, who it turns out is one of the 33 who need not reapply. Though she's support for the Registries, she's not getting merged into the general AS Help Desk. Why or how this is, I cannot comprehend. But it just made me grumpier. So now, I'm totally grumpy. I can't imagine actually getting any work done. And I've snapped at my project manager about how maybe they shouldn't have the person getting laid off doing the set up for the new organization that doesn't include her because maybe that's just a little depressing. Gah!

And Ray won't return my emails about the Browncoat Ball.
And other stuff.
Grumpy monkey.


  • Sorry honey, when the culling comes their death will be slow and painful and you will get a footrub. They are all bastards, except you. You are a pure ball of pureness all sweet and super-fantastic. Everyone but you is stupid and I hate them.

    Sorry you are going through this rough time. love you.

    By Blogger foseelovechild, at 9:19 PM  

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