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Sunday, August 27, 2006

I drove how far?

So I just turned over 9000 miles on Saturday night on my shiny new Prius. That's a bit more than 3000 miles a month. I knew I drove a lot, but good grief! Glad I'm doing it at 48.6 mpg nowadays instead of the about 30 mpg of my old car.

I love the Prius. It's a fabulous car in so many ways. I love never having to fish for my keys to get in the car. I love being able to look up directions to addresses before I head out, and frequently have it give me a smoother way to get home than I'd used previously. I love being able to control the volume and the air conditioning from the steering wheel. I love being able to answer my phone without having to pull it out of my purse, without having to take my hands off the wheel. The car rides so smooth and handles beautifully. Even with all the uncertainty and weird financial drama of the last few weeks, I'm still glad I bought the car.

Now if I could just get the DMV to send me my darned Clean Air stickers, but that's a story for another day...


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