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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Office Space

We went to Cinema San Pedro tonight to see Office Space. Every time I see that movie, different parts make me laugh out loud. Right now, it's especially apt. I finally find out Friday what my official layoff fate. It could be 30, 60, or 90 days notice. Or, it could be a miracle and be a job, but not one that includes training, which is still my first love. I spent Tuesday morning cleaning out my desk and bookshelves, taking away all personal stuff and cutting down to the minimum for functioning. I just couldn't get my heart into the work I should have been doing. So that's done. Rumors abound around the office. Decisions have been made and now they're just pulling together "packages" that either say, "You've got X days." or "Congratulations, your new job is...." I'm just not sure I'm even remotely rooting for option B at this point.

So, irons in the fire, nothing come to fruition yet. Here's hoping something comes together soon. And for the next few days, all this nonsense is going to make me giggle to myself repeatedly as folks talk about reports, cover sheets, staplers, cubicle spaces, and executive potential.


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