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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Scott talked me into a fifth Tuesday ceili. I initially thought "Ack! Not til after the Browncoat Ball!" But I dove in and did it. I taught polka sets and it went beautifully. Paul called most of the night til I took over for Fairy Reel. About 45 people showed up and we had four sets of Haymaker's Jig with five in each set. It was fantastic. And Michael Murphy, the set dance caller, asked me how long I'd been calling. I said, "For about six months, two years ago." He said, "Oh two and a half years?" I said, "No, six months, but that was two years ago." He said, "Oh! Really? Because you're calling at the five year level." And that was it. Lighter than air. Just exactly what I needed to hear. In the melee of layoffs and job interviews and being told right and left that I'm not qualified, tonight was just perfect. I'm good at teaching. I really really am. I felt it, and others confirmed it. It was the best thing that could've happened.


  • That's pretty cool. I've never been there when you've been calling...I'll have to make a trip for that. :) Of course unless you're calling a simple dance for one legged clumsy folk I'll just be watching and listening.

    By Blogger Flonkbob, at 7:06 AM  

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