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Friday, August 18, 2006

Quena's Going Away

Quena is this magical little pixie I met this year at the Pryanksters. She's one of those folks who seems so utterly comfortable in her own skin, and yet is still so young. I just wonder where her life will lead.

But I know that right now, it's leading to Maine for a year. She sent out an email saying that her going away party would be at her co-op in Davis in place of this week's Pryankster practice. Now, going to Davis for a party on a weeknight would ordinarily be unthinkable, but it's Quena. Plus, my desire to be at work is a little lackluster at the moment, so what the heck, eh? And I'm so very happy I went. It was a lovely party in a lovely house and Quena was radiant. Dave and Anselm kept the music going. We alternated between English and Irish dances and waltzes. The house was bouncing enough to knock down plants and cause the piano to sway. Sarah was just starting to walk, tottering across the floor here and there. And surprise surprise - Dave can play Congress of Vienna on his fiddle, which meant I got to make up my missed Congress from Gaskells with Erik. I stayed the night on Erik & Marissa's couch and woke early to get to work not much later than any other day this week.

So here's to a safe journey for Quena. And hopefully the party for her return will be just as good.


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