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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Starry Plough Time Warp

Being at the Plough last night was like having your own personal time machine, only better because it was friends and dancers of past and present.

Magenta was visiting from Virginia. Anne, Heather, and Heraldo came up together, and she'd announced she was going to be there, so some other irregulars like Paul and Karen showed up. It was Quena's last night, so there was a strong showing of Davis dancers. Dawn showed up for the first time in ages. Alex was returned from his travels. Plus there were some new recruits like Sam Weiler, and some recent recruits like Christophe. Allow me to just say the place was wicked crowded. I think there were 7 sets of Chutney on the floor at once, so that's at least 28 advanced dancers. Add to that the band was on fire! Rachel the accordian player was back, and after a few minutes worry at 9, the stage was jammed full by 9:20.

Net result: one of the best polka sets I've had in ages. We ran through a bunch of crazy figures without a fumble. Anne may not have done Irish in ages, but she's got it etched on her soul. I think I danced nearly every dance of the night, including all the "Dances for Everyone" to have a chance to dance with everyone. I finally had to leave after the polka set, after the waltz, after the High Caul Cap, begging off the jig that was starting. I offered hugs and kisses as the jig started up, and got in my car to power up and find that my car was busy playing the same exact jig off of Natalie McMaster's In My Hands CD. Yep, not even Shadow wanted the night to end.


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