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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And then it was a good weekend...

There was Friday Night Waltz on Friday which is always good.

Saturday morning was Logan's fifth birthday party at Pump It Up. Air inflated bounce houses are one of my favorite things ever. I was crushed as a kid when I grew too tall to get into these at the State Fair anymore. In the past couple of years, it seems like the rest of the world has wakened to join in my love of bouncy houses because they've shown up at house parties and these kids arenas have started emerging. So when Elizabeth said she was having a party for Logan at Pump It Up, the first words out of my mouth were "I wanna go!!!" So, as the only non-child having attendee at the party, I played in the bouncies and on the giant inflatable slides with Elizabeth and Cynthia and Katie until I couldn't bounce no more. With certain knowledge that some body part would complain bitterly the next day, I ate my pizza and ice cream cake and helped do final cleanup before hitting the road.

See, it was Steve's birthday. Sometime around June he had mentioned Truckee Faire. I said, "No way, it's the weekend before Browncoat Ball." This merely meant that additional incentives and convincing was required. Alisa threw in that it was her last fair before leaving for San Antonio. Edward offered to cook me amazing Eddy dinner if I stayed the night in Davis. Resistance waned. Finally, getting almost everything ready for Browncoat Ball the weekend before, I decided that yes, maybe I did need a non-Browncoat day would be nice. So I moseyed up to Truckee, reviewing the Browncoat playlist for Friday on the way, and talking with Ray about details for about an hour. Then I arrived at faire where Alisa immediately announced, "Hey Ammy - go get naked in the pavillion. You've got to try on this dress." With a bewildered "Hunh?" I dutifully marched into the pavillion where she whipped out a truly gorgeous velvet dress worthy of Inara. Two minutes later I was out modeling the dress for the camp.

Apparently this had been a great deal of entertainment for the day. Alisa found the dress at Faire Play, then Sarah found one in red patterned velvet. Knowing my dilemma about what to wear to the ball next weekend (having lost over 20 pounds, none of my clothes fit!), I wandered over, but they were all out of smalls, so I didn't get one. After that we made some peach cobbler and headed over to the Black Friars clambake for Steve's birthday party. There was bad singing and clams and mussles and Sean was completely amused with Gerbil's nickname. We ended the even back around the Pryanksters fire with smoldering coals and singing.

The next morning we rose to bacon and potatoes and short order eggs. Life as a Pryankster is much better than back in my days of faire. Hot fresh bacon really dose beat Spam, I gotta admit. Then Alisa came back through and said, "Faire Play is having a pre-inventory, faire partipants only sale. Come see." I wandered over. She handed me a little black velvet dress and said, "Try it on. No, wait, too much garb. Just buy it. It's five bucks. It'll fit you or someone else." So I did as told and got one other pretty blue skirt (that fits without threatening to fall off! Hooray!). Then we launched into the day, with three dance sets and I worked on tweaking the playlist from my mental notes on the drive up. After the second dance set, I finished the list. Then I listened to my changes and amused everyone by how happy and grinning I was. Really, it's been a slog to finish this beast, with far more hours invested then I had dreamed possible. So, it's done. Little tweaks maybe tomorrow to fix copies of tracks with better sound quality, but other than that, done done done. Have I mentioned how much I love completing projects? Yah. I was happy.

We got packed up and headed down the hill. I crashed in Davis and ended up working there on the sofa at Erik & Marissa's place, scrambling on the last day before payroll cutoff to get all the 9/1 changes corrected. At six I closed up and headed over to Eddy and Alisa's for dinner.

Alisa, Sarah, and I dressed in our new velvet dresses for dinner. Edward made artichokes and corn and emu in a blackberry cabernet honey reduction sauce. Then there was chocolate gelato and port for dessert. It was absolutely divine. I regretfully left the table and headed off to Plough for dancing and to hand off Gerbil's woolen basket. Dancing was good. And then home to bed and kitty snuggles and Rick kisses. Nice.


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